AEM Tru-Time Cam Gears B-Series

Price is for two (2) cam gears

AEM TRU-TIME Adjustable Cam Gears increase horsepower and torque without having to change the camshaft(s) and are must-have items for engines that are milled, forced induction, high compression and/or utilizing aftermarket competition cams. Our gears enable users to match cam timing with their vehicle's tuning state by advancing or retarding the cam profile in one-degree increments via true laser-etched markings. Precision-cut gear teeth ensure no premature wearing of the belt surface and AEM's anodizing on the gear teeth is lab-test proven as the hardest anodizing process on the market.

AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Adjustable Cam Gears are available in a multi-spoke, five-bolt designs.

  • Increase horsepower and torque without any cam changes and are ideal for heavily modified engines
  • Grade-8, six-point hex bolts stand up to repeated adjustments and feature an integral washer flange for greater load distribution
  • True laser-etched markings on the leading edge of the gear allow for quick, accurate adjustments
  • Hard anodizing on belt surface is lab-tested as the most durable anodizing on the market
  • CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum manufactured and assembled in the USA


  • Acura/Honda B16 All
  • Acura/Honda B18 All
  • Acura/Honda B20 All
  • Honda H23A1    

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Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

Improper installation and/or adjustment of this product can result in major engine/vehicle damage

  • Item #: 23-802BK-X2
  • Manufacturer: AEM

AEM Tru-Time Cam Gears B-Series

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